Hayley (mother of 3yr old with recurring ear infections)

Highly recommend Nat, I have a 3 year old who has had constant ear infections his hole life, and I was unsure of where to turn, a friend recommended Nat as her son had the same problem and since seeing Natalie he had not had an ear infection for over 2 years… since seeing Natalie chase no longer has ear infections and I couldn’t be happier… she’s such a warm gentle soul and chase loves going back, you have two life long clients ???? thank you for everything you have done.. you are amazing xx

Tony (sport injuries issue)

“As a young man I was a racing cyclist. I competed in sport at a State and National level. I am now a Masters Level athlete aged 65. I have been active all my life and have suffered my fair share of injuries and setbacks and have just about had every treatment therapy you can think of. Gradually chronic injuries started to affect my running. I struggled with nagging injuries for almost 5 years that got worse and worse until they became chronic and were affecting my daily lifestyle. I couldn’t ride a bike comfortably and even standing up from sitting down caused great discomfort. I tried all the standard treatments in this time but none were effective in healing my injuries. Some gave relief but none made them better and I couldn’t train consistently. Not even complete rest cured the problems with the tendonitis around my knees or my tight hips. With a search of the internet I found Bowen Therapy. I picked Natalie mainly because of the detail on her website which explained the process and gave me confidence that this might just work. Also she didn’t make outlandish claims for a cure and in fact she states that if there isn’t progress after three visits then Bowen isn’t for you. Considering that my injuries were chronic and had been lingering for almost 5 years I didn’t expect rapid progress. I knew that I would have to stick it out and I would be happy with gradual progress. However I was pleasantly surprised even after the first visit. After the second visit I started to feel changes in my posture. I felt that dormant muscles were being activated, I felt like I was standing more upright. By the third visit there was noticeable improvement and a lot of the soreness was disappearing. I have had six visits now and have spaced out the last couple to three weeks apart and I am pain free and back on track to slowly starting exercising again. I am pain free on the bike and can stand from sitting without any discomfort. I believe that I have found the therapy that works for me. Nothing else I have done, not even cortisone shots into the knee have had anywhere near the success I have had with Natalie’s Bowen Therapy. I also had a sore wrist that I never mentioned to Natalie because my injuries were my main focus. And even though Natalie worked mainly on my legs I found that my wrist pain eventually disappeared as well. With the inflammation leaving my body I feel also that I am letting go of a lot of stress. I feel much more relaxed and I am confident that this is going to make me a better athlete. A session with Natalie is about an hour. She takes time to talk to you at the start and at the finish. Her knowledge and advice on body movement, awareness, balance and technique are most valuable and again I think this is going to help me get back to being a better athlete. I just wish I found Natalie and Bowen ages ago.”

Marissa (sciatica)

Natalie is a life changer! With my first 2 Bowen Therapy sessions I went from 24/7 debilitating sciatica pain (completely on bed rest) to being able to walk and function almost pain free! Natalie treats you as a whole person, looking at the reasons you feel pain as well as ways to ease or eliminate it. I HIGHLY recommend seeing Natalie, and will continue to see her myself.

Margaret (menopausal issues) 

“I first came to Natalie desperate for help with my nights sweats/hot flushes which I have been suffering from for 10 years. At the time I was having up to 6 big sweats per night. After a series of Bowen treatments I found my nights sweats have all but gone!! I’m sleeping better and longer and I’m finally feeling rested. This has changed my life. Many thanks Natalie.”

Carmel (pain issues, age 69) 

“I went to Natalie with lower back and neck problems, I was told she was good and they weren’t wrong. Pain for years and now gone.”

Brett, (pain/wellbeing issues)

“Natalie has been extremely successful in eliminating and treating muscle restrictions in my neck, back and shoulders using Craniosacral Therapy. Her therapy has also improved the general health of my back and my wellbeing. This allows me to meet a physically demanding work role. I also value the knowledge and advice on the body’s health and wellbeing that Natalie is always willing to give during our sessions. I am a regular client of Natalie and her truly healing therapy and I would have no hesitation in strongly recommending her and her practice. In short, I am a raving fan.”

Janis Massage Therapist (emotional/ spiritual growth) 

“When I first visited Natalie for Cranio it was more out of curiosity, or not depending how you think. It was a different type of therapy than I had ever tried before and my first thoughts were that it was very relaxing, to the point of being quite bored, then in the last 5 minutes I heard a “pop” down in my lower back, sacrum to be exact. I said “Ooh what was that,” to which Natalie replied “I just released your sacrum.” Oh I thought, not really thinking much of it. Off I went on my way feeling relaxed and energised at the same time. 3 days later I had an emotional reaction to something very insignificant. I phoned Natalie as she said “yes that sometimes happens” and explained why, I thought WOW that’s amazing can I have some more? Thus began a relationship with Natalie and her Craniosacral Therapy that spanned 7-8 years. To start every 2 weeks and now just when I feel I need it. Cranio and Nat have helped and supported me to achieve a sense of peace within myself that I never thought could be obtained. Thank you Nat from deep in my heart.”

Judith (physical & emotional issues)

“I have been seeing Natalie for some months now receiving Craniosacral treatments as I was in intense pain and discomfort. Over the time she has assisted me enormously, in fact I can barely believe it myself as I was in so much trouble. Truthfully, I consider being able to visit Natalie Sharah a privilege and would recommend her without hesitation.”

Laurie (age 71 pain issues) 

“Out of desperation of putting up with back, neck and shoulder pain from the age of 17 (Im now 71) I thought I’d give Natalie a go…why did I suffer so long????…not any more, one twitch I’m on the phone. Now with Natalie’s help I can manage my pain.”

Julie (anger issues)

“I was referred to Natalie due to my anger issues and bouts of depression. I have been desperate to change my ways for a number of years and have trialed numerous other methods which just didn’t seem the right fit for me personally. The first time I met Natalie I instantly felt at ease and following my first treatment felt a very significant shift not only in the way I reacted to everyday situations but felt a strong sense of calm. Each treatment I have received subsequently has enabled me to move forward with resolving my anger and for the first time in a long time I have been able to enjoy life and be a more happy mum and wife to my family which is priceless. I am a very big believer in trialing different things until you find the right fit for you. So if you are someone who is struggling through life and feeling as though it just shouldn’t be this hard I would strongly recommend contacting Natalie. I am aware that my relationship will continue with Natalie as I go through different stages of my life however it is so comforting to know that I can rely on someone who is extremely professional, passionate about her work and through her empathy and support I feel I am well on my way to being the person I was meant to be. Thank you so much Natalie, you have enabled me to transform my life.”

Laura (new born issues, mother of 2)

“I am wanting to share my AMAZING experience both my son and I had with Nat. After a traumatic birth for my son and sleepless nights due to colic and reflux, my son was quite unsettled. When he was 9 weeks old I decided to explore other options. After 2 sessions with Nat I now have a baby that family have nicknamed “the Dalai Lama” baby! The first session he released a cry I have never heard before, telling a story I wasn’t aware of. I didn’t think our bond could get any closer, but being able to be there for him through that release bought a special closeness between us and I’m so happy I got to experience Nats amazing work. SO HAPPY, COLIC and REFLUX IS GONE. Happy Baby Happy Mamma.”

Sally (mother of 2 teenage daughters)

“Natalie is an experienced and thorough therapist, with a wholistic view, to treat the person and the symptoms. She has been a valuable person in my daughter’s life at a rocky time and we are very appreciative.”

Sarah (pregnancy issues, mother of 2)

“My name is Sarah and at 35 weeks pregnant I saw Natalie for the first time after spending the previous four weeks miserable with lower back pain and no energy. After my first session with Natalie I had more energy and felt more positive about everything. By my third visit I had no lower back pain and had more energy at 38 weeks pregnant than I had throughout my whole pregnancy.”

Trudy (sports injuries)

“Amazing results for my Rugby body!!! I am finding my body is recovering alot quicker from niggling injuries and post game soreness. Highly recommended for sports players young and old.”

Michelle, (pain issues, age 40) 

“Since the age of 12 I have suffered from muscle spasms in my back. They used to be so severe that they would literally cripple me for days. A couple of years ago I heard about a treatment called Craniosacral Therapy, at which time I was pretty much living on anti- inflammatories every other day and was desperate to try anything . Frome what I had been told about the treatment I found it really hard to believe that because it is non- invasive and totally pain free it would make any difference to my back at all but seriously after having just one treatment within a 2 days I really started to feel a difference. I went back and had two more treatments and no kidding my back has never felt stronger. I could never explain to anyone how this strange treatment works but all I can say 12 months later absolutely no anti-inflammatories needed. I would %100 recommend Natalie to anyone. Best thing I ever did!”

Stephen (emotional/ spiritual/ physical issues)

“Over the past 12 months I have been utilising the services of Natalie Sharah. When I went to Natalie my health and emotional state was far from being in good shape. My life was stuck along with my body and emotions. Natalie’s methods that included body work, counselling and other modalities that I probably really don’t understand fully moved enormous energy in my body and my emotions and gave me the strength to finally be able to communicate my needs to all in an appropriate manner. I referred the CEO of my company as well and also my daughter and various other people in my life to Natalie and they also have had significant gains/ shifts in their lives assisting them to be clear and move through life in a healthier and more positive way. For me the results have been astounding, patterns that I have had for years and years have changed, my relationships with people has changed along with my whole life. I have made significant change in every part of my life and now live a loving and healthy life and where as I was not looking forward to the future it is now the reverse where it feels like life has really just begun and I am excited about the rest of my life. Things just seem to be falling into place now in every part of my life since I committed to the treatment that Natalie delivers. She is an amazing woman with skills that I have not seen anywhere and I can confidently recommend her to anyone who wants to grow/ heal/ improve& gain health and well-being. If I ever felt I required support again I would not hesitate to go back to Natalie, again she is an amazing healer, counsellor and person.”

Melissa (emotional wellbeing)

Natalie is a compassionate, skilled and insightful therapist who gives helpful and inspiring advice. Thank you Natalie for being such an amazing therapist!

Janice (physical & spiritual support)

Out of the many therapies and therapists I have tried, none I have trusted more than Natalie, and the significant changes in my body/life reflect this. I have referred her to so many people and they have all been just as happy.

Donna (mother/teenage emotional/physical issues, mother of 3)

“It is impossible for me to adequately explain how deeply Nat has helped my family and improved our wellbeing. For myself and my two teenage daughters, Nat has been helpful on so many levels. Nat is so gifted and knowledgeable, she just has an insight into how you are feeling and what you need. Nat has helped us through mental illness, relationship breakdowns, teenage self-harming issues, diet problems, physical injuries and addictions. Wow – we sound like a really dysfunctional family. Nat is our rock – always there for us, full of insight and wisdom. Nat gives us the tools to build on the work she has done to continue to help ourselves. Nat has helped me and my family turn our lives around with amazing changes moving forward. When I first met Nat, I had never heard of craniosacral therapy. My friend who recommended Nat couldn’t even adequately explain what it was. I just felt that I was running low on energy and zest for life and had tried osteopathy, acupuncture, herbalism, modern medicine and vitamins and while all of these things were helpful to some degree, I was after something that was far more holistic on its own. Nat proved to be the answer. We are so grateful for everything she has done for us and for her continuing support.”

Sharon (pain issues)

“Fantastic treatment. Natalie is brilliant! I presented to Natalie with severe fog head, morning headaches, constant muscle tension and spinal jamming in sections along my spine which I could not release. I was having regular migraines and I was tired of medicating,.I had tried Chiro, Osteo, Massage & Physio which only seemed to band aid what was going on. Nat discovered that my issues were coming from my coccyx which had been injured in a fall years before. I felt changes & shifts after first treatment and my body continued to release gently for days afterwards. I woke up the day after the first treatment with no fog head or headache and after 4 treatments I have improved so much without a headache since day one. I thoroughly recommend Natalie as she creates a safe nurturing environment for healing and the therapy is gentle. Other therapy had tried to force my body to release with manipulation which just didn’t work for me. These are the best results I have had in 8 years of suffering and searching. Thank you Natalie for sharing your gift.”


Natalie is a wonderful practitioner. Such a warming environment and supporting thearapist. Always welcoming and understanding.


Natalie is a caring and compassionate therapist who makes you feel valued. Not only does she provide insight and guidance but also practical strategies you can use to promote healing.

Stephanie (mother of new born)

“My initial contact with Natalie was for my newborn son Theodore. My pregnancy with Theo was full of emotional distress and he was born with tight hips and seemed extremely “stressed” constantly. His first appointment with Nat was at 4 weeks old and it was intense! The effect on Theo was instant. He started to unclench his fists and stretch out his body within 24 hours. Since commencing treatment Theodore has continued to become calmer and settled as a beautiful happy little bub. He is very calm and vomits less as this was another of the reasons for seeking treatment. When deciding on treatment for Theo as an alternative to the exercises given by the Physio, which caused him to scream in discomfort every time, I wanted something calm and gentle and that is exactly what Natalie offers. Her treatment is so gentle and supportive and she is so calm and awesomely real that both of my boys and I have always felt completely at peace in her presence. Nat also offers great advice and support for me in caring for Theo that I can now recognise when he needs extra support and what it looks and sounds like when he is moving and processing energy and how to help him through those moments. This has been so amazing for me as his Mum. Seeing the fantastic results Nat has had with Theo lead me to make an appointment for myself and after having my first appointment 2 days ago I feel absolutely amazing. I am so excited to see how Theo and I continue to grow and transform with Nat’s support and I am more than happy to recommend her treatment to anyone who needs help with any aspect of their physical or emotional health! She is superb!”

Ashleigh (son with behavioural issues)

After pursuing many mainstream paths to help and support my son we found Natalie who has helped my son with his behavioural issues through Bowen therapy. We have seen a difference in my son’s behaviour and ability to calm down in situations. We are very thankful to Natalie and would recommend bowen therapy as something to try for any family that may be struggling with children’s bahvioural issues who have tried other methods that may not have been successful.

Julie (physical/ emotional support)

“Nat is a fantastic practitioner. I have been seeing he regularly for some years now. She supports me in both my physical health and my emotional wellbeing. She has supported me through many personal challenges.”

Jane (multiple complex issues)

I have been receiving Bowen therapy from Natalie since early January this year after my sister in law recommended that I give it a try with my multiple complex health issues. Initially I was somewhat sceptical but the turn around of my issues/ symptoms has been nothing short of amazing. I would highly recommend to anyone to have a consultation with Natalie as you have nothing to lose. I had consulted with a lot of medical Drs over the years & have never had such a successful outcome in restoring my symptoms and health. I feel very grateful, Thankyou Natalie

Lesley (pain issues)

I had over 8 years of awfull hip pain. I had had treatment by 4 physiotherapists, 4 Osteopaths, 2 rehab doctors, had dry needling and eventually a steroid injection with little effect from any. I tried yoga for years that made things worse. I couldn’t walk without my right knee turning in and lots of pain especially when walking up stairs and sleeping on that hip, sitting made it worse. The pain was both on the side (probably a bursitis) and in my groin. After 2 sessions my groin/hip pain was gone. Not only has Natalie relieved my hip pain and rectified my altered walking gait but the therapy has had a positive effect on my irritable bladder also which seems to be somehow connected. Natalie is an amazing holistic professional, a kind and caring person with a great listening ear and just seems to give the best advice at the right time. I would encourage anyone to try Natalie, I am so grateful to her for her help.

Simon (headaches & migraines)

“I cannot believe the success I have had by seeing Natalie. Starting Bowen treatment has honestly changed my life and I cannot recommend Natalie enough! from seeing Natalie roughly 6 times, I now am experiencing no more headaches, my bowel movements are back to the way they were, I am no longer bloated, I have a lot more energy and have my appetite is back! For 7 months I had suffered from severe headaches which kept me from my work and studies. I would go to the doctors once a week, had an MRI and CT scan and had an appointment with a neurologist. A cyst was found on my brain but the neurologist didn’t think this was causing my headaches as I was showing no other symptoms and quite often we are born with them and do not cause any trauma. He pretty much told me that there was nothing they could do, and to change my lifestyle and try to exercise more. A bit hard to exercise when you are in bed with a massive headache with the sheets over your head to try block out the light every second day. I was put on 2 different types of medication, I was to take one of the medications twice a day and all they did was dull the constant headache. The other medication was to take as soon as I felt a big headache coming on. All of these tablets began to make me constipated. I was having a shocker of a year. My bowels weren’t working the way they used to and as a result I began to feel quite tired and sluggish. My mum then heard from a close family friend about Bowen Therapy, and that I should give it a try as nothing was helping. After my first 3 initial appointments, I could feel a difference. My headaches were no where near as constant and I was only having severe episodes once a week to once a fortnight. I could not believe the results. From experiencing a constant headache every day since February, to only experiencing it every couple of days was unbelievable. My bowel movements had changed as well. Although not as dramatic as the headaches. I have had a total of 6 sessions with Natalie and the last 3 have been focused on my bowel. After the first 2 sessions working on my bowel and coccyx I was able to go to the toilet a lot more frequently, but was still experiencing a little bit of trouble. But after my last treatment, I have been going without any problems at all. I am finally back to how I used to be. No more headaches, my bowel movements are back to the way they were, I am no longer bloated, I have a lot more energy and have my appetite back.”