“When I first visited Natalie for Cranio it was more out of curiosity, or not depending how you think. It was a different type of therapy than I had ever tried before and my first thoughts were that it was very relaxing, to the point of being quite bored, then in the last 5 minutes I heard a “pop” down in my lower back, sacrum to be exact. I said “Ooh what was that,” to which Natalie replied “I just released your sacrum.” Oh I thought, not really thinking much of it. Off I went on my way feeling relaxed and energised at the same time. 3 days later I had an emotional reaction to something very insignificant. I phoned Natalie as she said “yes that sometimes happens” and explained why, I thought WOW that’s amazing can I have some more? Thus began a relationship with Natalie and her Craniosacral Therapy that spanned 7-8 years. To start every 2 weeks and now just when I feel I need it. Cranio and Nat have helped and supported me to achieve a sense of peace within myself that I never thought could be obtained. Thank you Nat from deep in my heart.”

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