I originally began my practice as a remedial massage therapist in 1994 after the completion of my Diploma of Health Science- Nursing. I specialized in injury treatment, sports medicine and corrective exercise. I added Bowen therapy to my practice in early 1997 which exposed me to working more with the natural healing ability of the body.As a massage therapist people come to you with muscular and joint issues or pain, as I began practising Bowen more and more my clients were not only getting relief from their pain but were letting me know how issues they had not told me about had improved. They were no longer suffering IBS symptoms or menstrual pain, they were sleeping better, had more energy or feeling less anxious were just some of the examples of change experienced. Through my clients I was not only seeing how everything is connected in the body but also how the body, given the right tools can heal itself. I knew this as issues were changing that ‘I’ wasn’t aware of and therefore not deliberately treating. I now was able to support so many more people improving lives with such a variety of issues and diverse ages from babies through to the frail and elderly. The Bowen technique has the potential to create real change in such a short period of time when often people have tried so much and spent so much to only find out that something didn’t work, Bowen provides the opportunity for not just improving pain and dysfunction but creating more permanent results. It is an incredibly rewarding therapy to practise. 

I was exposed to Craniosacral Therapy after the birth of my son. My pregnancy was filled with emotional stress and trauma. The delivery that followed was reflective of that being a long and difficult induced labor and ending in an emergency caesarean. My son was affected by that experience both physically and behaviorally. I knew that he needed support, and so did I. So at the tender age of 2 weeks, my son received his first treatment of Craniosacral therapy. 

The changes were profound, and as I observed this amazing therapy I knew this was my calling. It was a few years later I began the work, and it was also the beginning of incredible physical and emotional healing plus growth of myself, for not only did I learn the work but I actively began to get work done on myself. I have a special love of working with children and teenagers and have had additional training in these areas but I enjoy working on all ages and conditions. 

My work has been a catalyst for my own physical and emotional healing and personal spiritual growth creating a unique style and level of support. What I have learn’t and love about this work is that it re connects us to our own truth and the knowing that the ability to heal and grow comes from within us.

Working on my own healing and growth is an ever continuing one, not only as it encourages me to be all I can be and more towards being free from pain and discomfort as well as handle life’s challenges with more ease but also the more I clear my ‘stuff’ and learn from my body the more I can support others. This creates even more purpose to my experience, advantaging others.

I feel the work I do provides you with a safe and supportive tool creating an opportunity to achieve healing, change, self understanding and growth. My priority is to make you feel safe and supported using my extensive experience, intuitive guidance and my own personal story to create understanding and comfort in the changes and reactions you may have as you heal. I am here to provide guidance so that your experience can be a smooth and comfortable one. I will always explain fully what I do to your understanding and be available to offer additional support and reassurance if needed.

I may also offer suggestions in ways of recognising areas or situations which may be encouraging the challenges or pain you face in your life and provide strategies, education, techniques and tools on how to change or grow from them be they physical, behavioural or emotional issues.

The more you participate and take responsibility for your health the more you create change.


Dip. Health Sc. Nursing (University of Newcastle)

Dip. Remedial Massage

Cert. Sports Medicine

Cert. Corrective Exercise

Cert Trigger Point Therapy

Cert. Myofascial release

Cert Bowen Therapy (Bowtech)

Cert Advanced Bowen Therapy (Bowtech)

Craniosacral Therapy 1 (Upledger Institute)

Craniosacral Therapy 2 (Upledger Institute)

Somatoemotional Release 1 (Upledger Institute)

Somatoemotional Release 2 (Upledger Institute)

Craniosacral for pediatrics (Upledger Institute)

Craniosacral Therapy for Conception, Pregnancy and Birth 1 (Upledger Institute)