What is Bowen Therapy?

I have been an advanced Bowen Therapist since 1997. This gentle technique can have amazing results. The bowen technique gives people with pain and dysfunction an opportunity to receive a pain free treatment. One of the most beneficial aspects of Bowen is the fact that because it works with the fascia, energy meridians and the nervous system we do not have to know what is exactly wrong or why something is happening for it to be treated. Even though movements are done on specific points on the body they stimulate far further than that and the body is given a tool to address what it knows is needing support and allow change. When you have tried so many treatments or had multiple medical tests without any answers or results Bowen therapy provides a possible solution.

Bowen consists of small rolling movements performed in very specific points on the body and there are frequent but important pauses between procedures giving the body time to benefit from each set.

Bowen is a non-invasive technique, applied with clothes on it is gentle and safe to use on anyone from babies to the elderly or immobile. There is no manipulation and no discomfort or pain when receiving the treatment. 


By stimulating the nervous system, energy meridians, increasing circulation and lymphatic flow through movements over muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia Bowen corrects imbalance, releases restrictions and trauma, relaxes muscles, calms the sympathetic nervous system encouraging relaxation and healing, helps the body detoxify increases blood supply and more.

With better circulation there is better assimilation of nutrients and elimination of toxins. This aids in the body’s natural recovery allowing for freer movement, better posture and reduction in pain and dis-ease.

Benefits of Bowen Therapy

Bowen works on the whole body and therefore there is a wide range of conditions that can benefit. In fact in the case of acute injuries most conventional manual therapies are contraindicated for at least two days after injury where with bowen the quicker you receive a treatment the greater the benefit. Another big advantage that Bowen has as a therapy is that it is able to address multiple issues in the body at once. Often if someone is dealing with for example shoulder pain, digestive issues and an unstable knee they may need to see different people for each concern or one issue gets neglected to try and address another. Bowen therapy is able to support multiple issues presenting due to the way it works with the body and due to the connective nature of the body better and longer lasting results can occur. 

Bowen is completely pain free and it is an excellent alternative to some more traditional uncomfortable methods of treatment.

One of the greatest benefits with Bowen is that a result and or improvement should be experienced by after the third treatment, in my experience if this does not occur, Bowen is not for you. It is rare to be able to try a new therapy with such a definitive result time frame.

Conditions That Can Be Treated

Some of the many conditions that Bowen can benefit are:

    • Back pain
    • Repetitive strain injuries
    • Menopausal issues
    • Bladder weakness, leakage
    • Neck and jaw problems
    • Joint restrictions
    • Respiratory problems


  • Headaches
  • Bed wetting in children
  • Sports injuries
  • Low energy levels
  • Menstrual problems including PMT
  • Acute and chronic injuries
and many more…