Craniosacral & Bowen Therapy for Children

Childbirth is a experience, which is both complex and at times challenging for a child. During this process and in utero a child may develop restrictions within their body due to positioning, viruses or illness, or the mothers experience during the pregnancy or birth trauma. Sometimes they may not be able to completely recover or release the affects of these experiences without assistance. As a child grows life continues to present situations and events that may be challenging, stressful or traumatic, Craniosacral therapy (CST) or Bowen Therapy may provide a solution to the effects they create.

CST and the Bowen Technique are gentle form of therapy which can offer comfort and relief and is supportive for all ages from newborns to teenagers. Offering these therapies to a child not only gives them an opportunity to heal and be more comfortable but also empowers the parent/s or care giver.


There are many conditions which may be avoided or improved with CST and Bowen Therapy, such as:

  • Colic reflux
  • Hearing problems, chronic ear infections
  • Motor problems
  • Cross eyed
  • Dyslexia
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Bed wetting
  • Overriding sutures
  • Separation issues
  • TMJ and Jaw issues
  • Digestive issues
  • Behavioural issues, anxiety, depression and many more

Benefits To Your Child

Research suggests that the birth process can be responsible for many dysfunctions and central nervous system problems. CST carried out at an early age in life could potentially reduce a wide variety of difficulties, many of which may not become apparent until your child is at school. 

Birth is not the only potential trauma children may experience. Our teenagers today are faced with so many more challenges and pressures in life that more and more are suffering from anxiety and depression. Emotional issues in the home, social issues at school, even accidents and illnesses can all have an impact on children and teenagers which may result in either physical behavioural or emotional responses. 

Creating a Child Friendly Environment

I take particular care and attention in creating a very child friendly envirnoment.  It is also important to me that your child feels safe, comfortable and at ease with not just me but in ‘recieving’ treatment.  Parents and carers are often concerned that their child wont stay still during the treatment, not a problem, I work around them.  It is a vital part of the work for parents/carers to be involved, playing with toys, reading books to their child, supporting them through this attention or touching even holding them if need be.  Children are the focus, we support what they need which encourages change as well as an enjoyment in simply being treated.


My First Experience with Craniosacral Therapy

I was exposed to Craniosacral Therapy after the birth of my son. My pregnancy was filled with emotional stress and trauma. The delivery that followed was reflective of that being a long and difficult induced labor and ending in an emergency caesarean. My son was affected by that experience both physically and behaviorally. I knew that he needed support, and so did I. So at the tender age of 2 weeks, my son received his first treatment of Craniosacral therapy. The changes were profound, and as I observed this amazing therapy I knew this was my calling. It was a few years later I began the work, and it was also the beginning of incredible physical and emotional healing plus spiritual evolution of myself, for not only did I learn the work but I actively began to get work done on myself. 


CST is a very gentle form of therapy, which offers possible solutions and when correctly applied, is risk free. So no matter how old your child is it is never too late to benefit from this therapy.

Pregnancy and Birth Services

It’s not just our children whom can benefit from CST or Bowen Therapy. It is also an excellent therapy for mothers for whom pregnancy and childbirth can be very different to what they imagined and both physically and emotionally stressful. 

Emotional strains of relationships, the situation surrounding conception, physical problems during the pregnancy or even the even the expectation of the birth, often puts high levels of stress on the mother. Add on top of that a ‘difficult’ labor’ or birth and a woman can be left with many physical issues and emotional restrictions which may result in post natal depression. 

CST or Bowen Therapy can assist to release the trauma associated with these experiences and help women restore balance. Ultimately this may allow them to cope with the pressures of motherhood or even welcome the idea of doing it all again.