“I was referred to Natalie due to my anger issues and bouts of depression. I have been desperate to change my ways for a number of years and have trialed numerous other methods which just didn’t seem the right fit for me personally.
The first time I met Natalie I instantly felt at ease and following my first treatment felt a very significant shift not only in the way I reacted to everyday situations but felt a strong sense of calm. Each treatment I have received subsequently has enabled me to move forward with resolving my anger and for the first time in a long time I have been able to enjoy life and be a more happy mum and wife to my family which is priceless.
I am a very big believer in trialing different things until you find the right fit for you. So if you are someone who is struggling through life and feeling as though it just shouldn’t be this hard I would strongly recommend contacting Natalie.
I am aware that my relationship will continue with Natalie as I go through different stages of my life however it is so comforting to know that I can rely on someone who is extremely professional, passionate about her work and through her empathy and support I feel I am well on my way to being the person I was meant to be. Thank you so much Natalie, you have enabled me to transform my life.”

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