“Since the age of 12 I have suffered from muscle spasms in my back. They used to be so severe that they would literally cripple me for days. A couple of years ago I heard about a treatment called Craniosacral Therapy, at which time I was pretty much living on anti- inflammatories every other day and was desperate to try anything . Frome what I had been told about the treatment I found it really hard to believe that because it is non- invasive and totally pain free it would make any difference to my back at all but seriously after having just one treatment within a 2 days I really started to feel a difference. I went back and had two more treatments and no kidding my back has never felt stronger. I could never explain to anyone how this strange treatment works but all I can say 12 months later absolutely no anti-inflammatories needed. I would %100 recommend Natalie to anyone. Best thing I ever did!”

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