I had over 8 years of awfull hip pain. I had had treatment by 4 physiotherapists, 4 Osteopaths, 2 rehab doctors, had dry needling and eventually a steroid injection with little effect from any. I tried yoga for years that made things worse. I couldn’t walk without my right knee turning in and lots of pain especially when walking up stairs and sleeping on that hip, sitting made it worse. The pain was both on the side (probably a bursitis) and in my groin. After 2 sessions my groin/hip pain was gone. Not only has Natalie relieved my hip pain and rectified my altered walking gait but the therapy has had a positive effect on my irritable bladder also which seems to be somehow connected. Natalie is an amazing holistic professional, a kind and caring person with a great listening ear and just seems to give the best advice at the right time. I would encourage anyone to try Natalie, I am so grateful to her for her help.

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