“It is impossible for me to adequately explain how deeply Nat has helped my family and improved our wellbeing. For myself and my two teenage daughters, Nat has been helpful on so many levels. Nat is so gifted and knowledgeable, she just has an insight into how you are feeling and what you need. Nat has helped us through mental illness, relationship breakdowns, teenage self-harming issues, diet problems, physical injuries and addictions. Wow – we sound like a really dysfunctional family. Nat is our rock – always there for us, full of insight and wisdom. Nat gives us the tools to build on the work she has done to continue to help ourselves. Nat has helped me and my family turn our lives around with amazing changes moving forward.
When I first met Nat, I had never heard of craniosacral therapy. My friend who recommended Nat couldn’t even adequately explain what it was. I just felt that I was running low on energy and zest for life and had tried osteopathy, acupuncture, herbalism, modern medicine and vitamins and while all of these things were helpful to some degree, I was after something that was far more holistic on its own. Nat proved to be the answer. We are so grateful for everything she has done for us and for her continuing support.”

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