“Over the past 12 months I have been utilising the services of Natalie Sharah. When I went to Natalie my health and emotional state was far from being in good shape. My life was stuck along with my body and emotions.
Natalie’s methods that included body work, counselling and other modalities that I probably really don’t understand fully moved enormous energy in my body and my emotions and gave me the strength to finally be able to communicate my needs to all in an appropriate manner. I referred the CEO of my company as well and also my daughter and various other people in my life to Natalie and they also have had significant gains/ shifts in their lives assisting them to be clear and move through life in a healthier and more positive way.
For me the results have been astounding, patterns that I have had for years and years have changed, my relationships with people has changed along with my whole life. I have made significant change in every part of my life and now live a loving and healthy life and where as I was not looking forward to the future it is now the reverse where it feels like life has really just begun and I am excited about the rest of my life.
Things just seem to be falling into place now in every part of my life since I committed to the treatment that Natalie delivers.
She is an amazing woman with skills that I have not seen anywhere and I can confidently recommend her to anyone who wants to grow/ heal/ improve& gain health and well-being.
If I ever felt I required support again I would not hesitate to go back to Natalie, again she is an amazing healer, counsellor and person.”

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