“Fantastic treatment. Natalie is brilliant! I presented to Natalie with severe fog head, morning headaches, constant muscle tension and spinal jamming in sections along my spine which I could not release. I was having regular migraines and I was tired of medicating,.I had tried Chiro, Osteo, Massage & Physio which only seemed to band aid what was going on. Nat discovered that my issues were coming from my coccyx which had been injured in a fall years before. I felt changes & shifts after first treatment and my body continued to release gently for days afterwards. I woke up the day after the first treatment with no fog head or headache and after 4 treatments I have improved so much without a headache since day one. I thoroughly recommend Natalie as she creates a safe nurturing environment for healing and the therapy is gentle. Other therapy had tried to force my body to release with manipulation which just didn’t work for me. These are the best results I have had in 8 years of suffering and searching. Thank you Natalie for sharing your gift.”

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