“My initial contact with Natalie was for my newborn son Theodore. My pregnancy with Theo was full of emotional distress and he was born with tight hips and seemed extremely “stressed” constantly. His first appointment with Nat was at 4 weeks old and it was intense! The effect on Theo was instant. He started to unclench his fists and stretch out his body within 24 hours. Since commencing treatment Theodore has continued to become calmer and settled as a beautiful happy little bub. He is very calm and vomits less as this was another of the reasons for seeking treatment. When deciding on treatment for Theo as an alternative to the exercises given by the Physio, which caused him to scream in discomfort every time, I wanted something calm and gentle and that is exactly what Natalie offers. Her treatment is so gentle and supportive and she is so calm and awesomely real that both of my boys and I have always felt completely at peace in her presence. Nat also offers great advice and support for me in caring for Theo that I can now recognise when he needs extra support and what it looks and sounds like when he is moving and processing energy and how to help him through those moments. This has been so amazing for me as his Mum. Seeing the fantastic results Nat has had with Theo lead me to make an appointment for myself and after having my first appointment 2 days ago I feel absolutely amazing. I am so excited to see how Theo and I continue to grow and transform with Nat’s support and I am more than happy to recommend her treatment to anyone who needs help with any aspect of their physical or emotional health! She is superb!”

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