“As a young man I was a racing cyclist. I competed in sport at a State and National level. I am now a Masters Level athlete aged 65. I have been active all my life and have suffered my fair share of injuries and setbacks and have just about had every treatment therapy you can think of. Gradually chronic injuries started to affect my running. I struggled with nagging injuries for almost 5 years that got worse and worse until they became chronic and were affecting my daily lifestyle. I couldn’t ride a bike comfortably and even standing up from sitting down caused great discomfort. I tried all the standard treatments in this time but none were effective in healing my injuries. Some gave relief but none made them better and I couldn’t train consistently. Not even complete rest cured the problems with the tendonitis around my knees or my tight hips. With a search of the internet I found Bowen Therapy. I picked Natalie mainly because of the detail on her website which explained the process and gave me confidence that this might just work. Also she didn’t make outlandish claims for a cure and in fact she states that if there isn’t progress after three visits then Bowen isn’t for you. Considering that my injuries were chronic and had been lingering for almost 5 years I didn’t expect rapid progress. I knew that I would have to stick it out and I would be happy with gradual progress. However I was pleasantly surprised even after the first visit. After the second visit I started to feel changes in my posture. I felt that dormant muscles were being activated, I felt like I was standing more upright. By the third visit there was noticeable improvement and a lot of the soreness was disappearing. I have had six visits now and have spaced out the last couple to three weeks apart and I am pain free and back on track to slowly starting exercising again. I am pain free on the bike and can stand from sitting without any discomfort. I believe that I have found the therapy that works for me. Nothing else I have done, not even cortisone shots into the knee have had anywhere near the success I have had with Natalie’s Bowen Therapy. I also had a sore wrist that I never mentioned to Natalie because my injuries were my main focus. And even though Natalie worked mainly on my legs I found that my wrist pain eventually disappeared as well. With the inflammation leaving my body I feel also that I am letting go of a lot of stress. I feel much more relaxed and I am confident that this is going to make me a better athlete. A session with Natalie is about an hour. She takes time to talk to you at the start and at the finish. Her knowledge and advice on body movement, awareness, balance and technique are most valuable and again I think this is going to help me get back to being a better athlete. I just wish I found Natalie and Bowen ages ago.”

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